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Mentorship Competition



Participants, who are 18 years and older, agree that they are subscribing to MotiMoves voluntarily, and choose to join the online business mentorship intervention at their own accord. By joining MotiMoves, participants acknowledge and accept that they may receive MotiMoves marketing materials, which may include but are not limited to:


Newsletters: Participants may receive periodic newsletters containing valuable hints, tips, and insights related to entrepreneurship, business growth, and personal development.


Exclusive Updates: Participants may receive exclusive updates about Zunaid Moti's online business mentorship intervention, upcoming events, workshops, and other relevant information.


Promotional Offers: Participants may receive promotional offers, discounts, or special deals on products or services related to entrepreneurship, business tools, or resources.


Webinar Invitations: Participants may receive invitations to webinars or online events hosted by Zunaid Moti or other industry experts, providing further learning opportunities.


Relevant Resources: Participants may receive information about valuable resources, such as

e-books, case studies, or whitepapers, that can support their entrepreneurial journey.


Exclusive Opportunities: Participants may receive information about exclusive opportunities, collaborations, or partnerships that can benefit their business growth.


Market Research: Participants may be invited to participate in surveys or market research activities aimed at gathering insights and improving the mentorship intervention programme.


It is important to note that participants' privacy and data protection rights will be respected, and they will have the option to unsubscribe or manage their marketing preferences at any time by following the instructions provided in the marketing materials.



While MotiMoves will offer ongoing mentorship advice based on a structure that suits the availability of Zunaid Moti, mentees are welcome to enter the monthly competition.


To enter the monthly competition, mentees must submit a comprehensive business proposal outlining their goals, strategies.


The business proposal should showcase how winning the competition can positively influence the growth of their business.


Submissions can be made right here , through the official website of Zunaid Moti's online mentorship intervention programme,


Selection of Monthly Winner:


The monthly winner will be selected by a panel of judges appointed by Zunaid Moti. The judging criteria will include the feasibility and creativity of the business proposal, potential impact on business growth, and alignment with the competition's objectives.




  • Zunaid Moti will provide R50,000 to the winner, which can be utilised for fuel, business dinners, or any other expenses required to drive the business forward.


  • The winner will be granted at least two hours’ of personal mentorship with Zunaid Moti, either face-to-face or through online communication channels.


  • At the end of the month, a live recording session will be conducted with the winner to discuss and showcase the growth and progress of their business.


  • The results and updates will be shared on Zunaid Moti’s social media platforms and the official website ( to inspire and motivate other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


Communication and Announcements:


The competition details, updates, and winner announcements will be communicated through Zunaid Moti's social media channels and the official website.


Participants are encouraged to follow Zunaid Moti's social media profiles for the latest information and updates regarding the competition.



Rights and Permissions:


By participating in the competition, mentees grant permission to Zunaid Moti and his team to utilise their business proposals, progress updates, and live recording sessions for promotional and marketing purposes.


Mentees retain ownership and intellectual property rights of their respective business ideas and materials.


Participants found to be in violation of the competition rules, engaging in unethical practices, or providing false information will be disqualified.


Zunaid Moti and the judging panel reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their discretion.


Modifications and Termination:


Zunaid Moti reserves the right to modify or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice.


Any changes or updates to the competition mechanics will be communicated through official channels.


Note: These mechanics are subject to change, and participants are advised to refer to the official website and social media profiles of Zunaid Moti for the most up-to-date information regarding the competition.




Zunaid Moti and MotiMoves are committed to providing mentorship and support to participants in their entrepreneurial journey. However, it is important to understand that participants in MotiMoves are solely responsible for their own business decisions and actions. Zunaid Moti and MotiMoves will not be held liable for any losses or negative outcomes that may occur as a result of participants' independent choices, strategies, or business operations.


While Zunaid Moti and MotiMoves aim to provide guidance, insights, and resources to help participants succeed, the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of a business lies with the individual participant. Business success depends on various factors, including market conditions, competition, execution of strategies, and external influences beyond the control of Zunaid Moti and MotiMoves.


Participants are encouraged to exercise their own judgment, conduct thorough research, and seek professional advice when making business decisions. It is essential for participants to understand the risks involved in entrepreneurship and to carefully evaluate and manage those risks.


By participating in MotiMoves, individuals acknowledge and accept that Zunaid Moti and MotiMoves will not be held liable for any losses or negative outcomes resulting from their business activities. It is the participant's responsibility to assess and manage the risks associated with their business endeavours.

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